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What is Metahype?

Metahype is a ever-expanding virtual island where brands, creators and communities meet to empower collaboration and creativity. Access and learn more about the Metahype.

How can I join the community?

You can register to be part of the metahype community by signing up in the following link.

What is the CUPRA Dark Rebel Experience and how can I create my own version?

CUPRA's DarkRebel is CUPRA's virtual sports car that can be customised by each user using CUPRA's car configurator tool.

What can I do at the CUPRA District?

The CUPRA district is known for being a dedicated space for the CUPRA Tribe in Metahype to get together and discover our brand. There you can connect with other users virtually, discover things about CUPRA and its models, race and participate in challenges and events. Learn more about the CUPRA District.

What can I do in Metahype?

Users can design their own avatars, you can get your own virtual space to connect and collaborate with other users, you engage with the community, you experience entertaining content such as events, games, etc., and you can obtain digital collectibles such as NFTs, exclusive rewards and special budgets. Access and learn more about the Metahype.

What is the Metahype Passport?

The Metahype Passport is a virtual feature that represents a user's status and the exclusive functionalities that are available to the user through which users can obtain HYPE, special badges, a better reputation and unlock new functionalities. Access and learn more about the Metahype website by clicking on the following link: https://www.metahype.com/.

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