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GEN 3 General information


CUPRA CONNECT's innovative services and functions connect you with your CUPRA and the world. For instance, you can check if all your car’s doors are locked from wherever you are, or you can see where exactly you’ve parked your CUPRA. Thanks to CUPRA CONNECT services, you can feel safer and more relaxed behind the wheel. Online traffic information makes sure you get to your destination as quickly as possible, while automatic Emergency Call and online Roadside Assistance ensure you feel good while driving. All of these services are only a button away in your CUPRA vehicle and through the My CUPRA app.

Please note: The availability of CUPRA CONNECT services may vary depending on your country, vehicle and vehicle equipment.

What do I have to do to use my CUPRA CONNECT services?

To use CUPRA CONNECT on a new device, first pair it with your car. All you have to do is:

1- Install the app. You can download the My CUPRA App on your device at the Apple App Store, Google Play. To install the app, follow the store's downloading and installation instructions.

2- Register with your username and password to create your CUPRA ID.

3- Add the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car and accept Terms and Conditions of CONNECT. Finally, if your car is a Leon/Formentor with media system or Ateca with navi, you will be asked to go to your car and do a Two Key Owner Verification (TKOV). If your car is an Ateca with radio, you will receive an 8-digit registration code (called a Pairing Code) that needs to be entered into your car's Infotainment, to complete the enrolment (Settings -> Online Services -> Register). Once the enrolment is finished, you can make a good use of your CUPRA CONNECT Services with your My CUPRA app.

If I own several cars equipped with CUPRA CONNECT, can I manage and control them with the app?

You can manage up to 50 vehicles and use services for multiple vehicles with the My CUPRA App.

What is the vehicle identification number (VIN) and where do I find it on my car?

The VIN (vehicle identification number or chassis number) is your CUPRA's unique 17-digit identification number. You can find the VIN in your registration papers and in the bottom-right corner of the exterior of your windscreen.

You will need it to enrol your car and set up your CUPRA CONNECT profile.

What is this S-PIN that I need in order to register?

The S-PIN is a 4-digit code that you create for your CUPRA ID during registration that you will need everytime you login in your car, as a security measure, unless you click on "save PIN". For safety reasons, you will need to introduce it in some services, such as Remote ventilation, Remote Auxiliary Heater...

Additionally, you can change the S-PIN from the App if you have already some vehicle enrolled. For that, log in in the App à go to "Account" in the bottom left of the screen à your data àsecurity.

Do I need a user account to use CUPRA CONNECT services?

Yes, a user account (My CUPRA App) lets you use our full range of services. Already have an account? Just enter your email and password, and click the "Sign In" button. Make sure you don't click the "Register" button in the In-Car-Enrollment section, as this might create a duplicate account.

How do I know that my user account has been created and my car has been enrolled successfully?

Once you've created your CUPRA ID, you will receive an email asking you to verify your account. Open and click on the link in this email to confirm your account. Now that you're registered, you just need to enrol your car to your user account to enjoy all the CUPRA CONNECT services through the App. Once you have become the Primary User of your car, you will get a confirmation message in the Infotainment system.

How do I create a user account on the My CUPRA App?

To create a user account in My CUPRA App, click Login and then Registration. Next, enter your email address and create a password. Then click Registration. You will automatically receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email to complete registration. The first time you log in with your user data, you can fill in your personal details (first name, last name, date of birth, etc.).

How do I add a (new) vehicle to my account?

To do this, you have two options:

1. Log in in the Infotainment system of the new car by clicking on "add user" in the User menu and follow the instructions to enrol. Once logged in, the new car will appear in the garage of your My CUPRA app.

2. Log in to the My CUPRA App and enter your car's VIN (vehicle identification number). If your car is a Leon with media system, you will be asked to go to your car and do a Two Key Owner Verification (TKOV). If your car is an Ateca with radio: You will receive an 8-digit registration code (called a Pairing Code) that needs to be entered into your car's Infotainment to complete enrollment (Settings -> Online Services -> Register). Once the enrollment is finished, the new car will appear in the garage of your My CUPRA App.

Why doesn't my vehicle accept my registration code?

First, check that your CUPRA has an active internet connection and that the registration code you are using hasn't expired (the registration code is valid for 1 year).

If this doesn't solve the problem, try deleting the vehicle from your My CUPRA App, in your vehicle settings and adding the vehicle again. You will receive a new registration code to enter in your vehicle.

What should I do if I can't use my CUPRA CONNECT services?

In order to use CUPRA CONNECT services, you need:

- a good internet signal and data connection

- the correct VIN of your vehicle linked to your account

- a model compatible with the desired services

- valid service licenses where applicable (the expiration date of your license can be checked any time in the store of the Infotaiment system.

Can I use every service even if I haven't activated CUPRA CONNECT?

If you don't activate CUPRA CONNECT services, you can only use the services required by law like the public emergency call.

I'm not able to see my services

Please, ensure that the Maximum privacy level is deactivated.

When does the first free-trial year begin for the final customer?

The services get activated for free during one year on car registration day with your warranty signature.

How do I know when my free trial period has expired?

You will receive an email one month before the expiration date, then 15 days before, 48 hours before and finally on the expiration date a final email informing you of the end of the free trial period.. You can also check the expirations in the CUPRA Store and in your Infotainment system. To extend your services, simply renew them through shop.mycupra or the store of the infotainment system and make the necessary payment.

Contact your dealer for more information.

Where can I renew my services?

You can renew your services in the Infotainment system store or shop.mycupra

Can I cancel my service order and, if so, how do I do it?

You can cancel your contract within the cancellation period (14 days after the service activation) by sending us a statement of withdrawal. You can choose to use our cancellation form if you'd like. You can find this form at the My CUPRA App under General Terms and Conditions, at the end of the document. If you need more information, please contact CUPRA Customer Care.

My smartphone has been stolen. Can I block my services to prevent misuse?

If you lose your device, you can change your password by accessing the CUPRA ID Portal from another device. The new password is required to use any My CUPRA App services. For additional security, you can modify the app settings so that you need to re-enter your password after a period of 5, 10 or 15 minutes with no account activity.

Which services can I use as a Secondary User?

A Secondary User is nominated by the Primary User and gains access to most of the services available in Remote Access and Online Infotainment packages, such as:

- Driving data

- Vehicle status

- Vehicle health report

- Remote lock and unlock

- Parking Position

- Remote ventilation and auxiliary heater

- Most of the services available for primary users

However, a secondary user doesn't receive access to:

- Speed alert and area alert

- Service Scheduling

- In-Car Store, CUPRA Store and DataPlan WebApp

Can I transfer my services agreement to my new car?

Unfortunately, only one vehicle can be linked to the services agreement. This means it can't be transferred from one vehicle to another.

The contract term is also linked to the vehicle. So if you sell your car to someone else, the new owner can continue using the services until the contract expires.

Can I get my money back if I cancel my contract before the end of the contract term?

Because the contract ends automatically at the end of each term, it can't be terminated early. A refund of the already paid lump sum licence fee is possible only within the 14-day withdrawal period. The duration of the service is tied to the vehicle. This means that if you sell your vehicle, the next buyer can continue to use the services until the contract term expires. Please note that if you sell your vehicle, you're required to delete the mapping of the vehicle to your user account by doing a factory reset in the Infotainment system.

Where can I find the terms and conditions and information about data protection?

You can find the CUPRA CONNECT terms and conditions in the My CUPRA App and in the Infotainment system.

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