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What CUPRA charger by Elli is available for my car?

Having an Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PHEV) or Full-Electric Vehicle (BEV) means that you can charge your vehicle both on the street, using CUPRA Charging, and at home, using either CUPRA Charger by Elli for optimised battery charging and also a conventional plug-in socket.

CUPRA Charger by Elli: Available in 1 ph and 3 ph modes for up to 11kW AC.

CUPRA Charger Connect by Elli: Connecting to your home internet you can add remote functionalities. management.

CUPRA Charger Pro by Elli: Similar to CUPRA Charger Connect by Elli, but including integrated 3G connectivity and a certified MID energy metre that lets you measure your charger consumption.

Click here to learn more about CUPRA's charging options.

Can I only charge my car with the CUPRA charger?

No, all chargers can be used to charge both PHEVs and BEVs of most brands, since the EU-plug is universal, pursuant to IEC 62196-2 and IEC 62196-3 and local standardisation initiatives…so an investment in a CUPRA Charger by Elli should be a one-off long-term investment in a true e-Mobility enabler.

No, all chargers can also be used to charge Electric Vehicles of other brands as the plug is optimised for the European market.

Our installation partners also carry out all functional tests and inspections in accordance with local requirements. If you require additional services, our installation partners will be happy to offer you an additional individual quotation.

 Click here to learn more about CUPRA's charging options.

Will I still be able to charge my car if I leave the country?

If you travel to European markets, all chargers can be used to charge Electric Vehicles of other brands as the plug is optimised for the European market. Additionally, there are no special tariffs for charging abroad. Your tariff is valid in all European markets where Elli has charging stations. Click here to learn more about CUPRA's charging options.

Who will help me if my CUPRA charger by Elli is not working properly or I have problems during charging?

Let us know right away if you have a problem. You can reach us via our hotline (+800-73273554) or by email (cupra-seat-support@elli.eco) within Europe. Outside Europe, please contact your local dealership.  Our customer service department will deal with your concerns directly or can transfer you to our technicians.

How does the flow of invoices and payments with the customer work?

The initial outlay for the hardware and installation is billed through the webshop by Elli. The customer will receive an email with the shopping cart and a link to confirm the order. There the customer can decide between different types of payment methods (e.g., credit card, PayPal or SEPA) and confirm the payment.

How can I install a charging point at my home?

EV charging at home is typically done using a standard 3-pin plug or a specially installed electric wall mounted charger. There are different options for doing this. For more information click here.

I live in a flat that I own, in a housing development, in a multi-family apartment building. In this case, can I also install a charger in my private garage space?

In general, yes. However, in the case of multi-family residential buildings, you must have the consent of the community association to install the charger.

The feasibility of the installation will also depend on the access to the electrical infrastructure in your parking space. The installer from our partner company will help you to technically assess your situation during the home inspection.

I want to install wallboxes as a (municipal) company, individual entrepreneur, self-employed person, public company, non-profit organization. How I should proceed?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer an installation service for KfW grant 441 applicants.

If you are an applicant, we recommend that you carry out an on-site inspection in advance, especially for the installation of multiple wallboxes in one location. Contact the electrician of your choice with a brief description of your construction project.

Who can install my charger?

Installing your charger requires work on your home's electrical system. As this is potentially dangerous, you cannot install your charger yourself, but must hire someone who is authorised to carry out the work in accordance with local regulations. To make it especially easy, you can turn to one of our installation partners Fenie Energía, Iberdrola or ChargeGuru España.

How do I know if I meet all the criteria to install a charger?

After examining the home, our installation partners Fnie Energía, Iberdrola or ChargeGuru España, or your trusted electrician, will be able to provide you with a binding assessment as to whether or not the requirements are met.

Click here to learn more about the requirements and conditions of installing a charger by Elli.

How many wall chargers can I install in one room?

Since building projects involving the installation of multiple wall chargers depend on individual characteristics, we cannot offer you a specific recommendation. We recommend an in-person analysis by a qualified electrician.

However, generally, the maximum number of wall vchargers at a single site will depend on the available outlet connection and a permit from the supplier (requested by an electrician). Our three-phase wallbox generates 16 amps / 11 kW. In an ideal scenario, the outgoing connection is encrypted by a factor of n. Alternatively, solutions such as separate dynamic load management with power chokes or DIP switches can reduce the dynamic or static load of the wallbox to prevent overloads. The load capacity of the wall charger  is reduced on the basis of the settings.

If you still need help, click here to learn more about the charger by Elli.

I need support configuring and matching the charger by Elli. How can I learn more about it?

Click here to find answers related to configuring and matching your charger by Elli.

What is a home energy management system (HEMS)?

A home energy management system is a system for planning and controlling energy flows in homes. Apart from the preservation of natural resources and the protection of the climate, its objective is to reduce to a minimum, for example, electricity costs and, at the same time, ensure that the energy needs of users are met or that the self-generated photovoltaic current is distributed in the home in the best possible way.


The system also ensures that your home's electrical installation is not overloaded when using flexibly adjustable electrical appliances.


Click here to learn more about Home Energy Management.

There is a problem with my charger. What I can do?

Information search:

Most of the potential bugs have already been reported and we are familiar with them. Therefore, we have provided a long list of articles that can help you troubleshoot. Just search for some keywords in the search function or go to "Troubleshooting", where you can find an explanation of the various LED indications.

Contact customer service:

You can also contact customer service. You can contact us through our telephone line or our email address. We will deal directly with your request. Many faults with internet-enabled chargers can be conveniently resolved via remote access. If this is not possible, we will send you an installer as soon as possible.

Important: Of course, we will repair any faults free of charge. However, such faults must not be self-inflicted. So that you are optimally protected, we recommend our professional installation service.

Does the CUPRA Charger need maintenance?

The CUPRA Charger does not require any type of maintenance.

In models with internet access, available software updates are downloaded and installed independently and managed through the My CUPRA App. For this, a stable connection is necessary.

What are the advantages of connecting my CUPRA Charger to the My CUPRA App?

The vinculation of the app with the charger allows you to manage updates, access the charging session history, administer recharge cards, and overseethe charging process among other functionalities. The My CUPRA App also ensures access to public charging stations when it is necessary to use them.

Can I connect my CUPRA Charger with My CUPRA App and control it remotely?

CUPRA Charger models with internet access can be linked to the My CUPRA App for remote control. The My CUPRA App is available for both iOS and Android.

What is public and private mode?

The CUPRA Charger allows 2 charging modes:

Public Mode: This mode has no access restrictions. As soon as the charging cable is connected, the charging process starts.

Private Mode: Once the charging cable is connected, it's necessary to authorize the charge using the RFID card. Only then does the charging process begin. To end the charging process, place the charging card in front of the wallbox again. Then, you can disconnect the charging cable from the vehicle.

How do I link the charging RFID card to my CUPRA Charger?

Once finalizing the linking of the CUPRA Charger with the My CUPRA App, it's possible to manage the RFID cards.

First, activate the private mode of your charger. Once the private mode is activated, you can manage the cards in the 'Recharge Cards' menu.

Click on 'Start Activation' and enter the ID printed on the card.

What is RFID autentification technology?

RFID authentication is a technology available in CUPRA Chargers with internet access that allows enabling access to the charging point using a recharge card. You can activate and deactivate this function from the app. When this function is activated, charging is only possible with a previously enabled recharge card (RFID). The recharge card is the size of a credit card and serves as a "key". The charging process can only be initiated with a recharge card activated in the application. Internet connection is required during the card linking process.

What charging cards can I use with my CUPRA Charger?

CUPRA Chargers with connected services include two RFID recharge cards. These cards can be activated in the My CUPRA App to enable the use of the CUPRA Charger.

It is not possible to link third-party RFID cards.

How can I limit acess to my CUPRA Charger?

Private mode ensures that only authorized users have permission to use your CUPRA Charger. To activate private mode, it's necessary to do it through the My CUPRA app. If you have activated private mode, you have the following options to start or stop charging:

Charging card (RFID): The RFID cards included with the connected CUPRA Chargers allow you to start and finish charging sessions. To do this, it's necessary to link the card to the charger through the My CUPRA app.

Remote start: Soon, you will be able to manually manage the charging processes through the My CUPRA app installed on your iOS or Android device.



How can I prevent my house´s electrical installation from overloading or not having enough power?

All models of CUPRA Charger can optionally be equipped with dynamic load management*.

Dynamic load management is a function that regulates the charging power of the CUPRA Charger based on the electricity available in real-time. This means that if the rest of the building requires a lot of electricity, the charging power of the CUPRA Charger is dynamically adjusted, and the vehicle is charged according to the available power. When electricity consumption in the building decreases again, the charging power of the CUPRA Charger increases again. This "protection" continuously monitors the charging and adjusts the charging power accordingly to prevent the electrical installation from overloading and blowing fuses.

You can find more information on this topic here.

*For this functionality, it is necessary to install an accessory during the installation of the CUPRA Charger, which is why it is recommended to request it from the professional installer.

Can I request the dinamic load management device directly with my CUPRA Charger?

No. Currently, this additional service must be requested from the company installing the CUPRA Charger. The dynamic management device must be adjusted to the technical specifications of the installation in which it will be installed. For this reason, the installer will be responsible for conducting the study, providing advice, and carrying out the installation.

Can I control my charger with my smartphone?

Yes of course! You can control the internet-enabled models with an app for iOS or Android.

Since the chargers are available for various brands of the Volkswagen group, make sure you download the right app. 

If you are using a CUPRA Charger, please download the MyCUPRA app.

Can I also use my wall charger with different charging apps?

No. If you have already paired your wall charger with a charging app and now want to use another charging app, you must first disconnect the wall charger. You can read how to remove your wall charger from an app here.

I have questions about the purchase, delivery or return of the chargers. Where can I consult?

You can click here to see the most common FAQs in relation to the purchase, delivery and return of our chargers. If your doubt has not been resolved, please contact customer service (00800-73273554) or write an email to (cupra-seat-support@elli.eco).

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