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What is the CONNECT package?

CONNECT Standard Connectivity is the package focused on safety and remote features by helping you easily. Is available for all CUPRA Media & Navi System and has a 3-year free trial. After that period, you will keep enjoy the freemium package, including the same features.

Commercial offer valid for:

- CUPRA Born produced in week 21/2024 onwards

- All CUPRA Tavascan

If the vehicle is produced before these dates, please contact your dealer or Customer Care.

What is the Breakdown Call service?

If your car breaks down, press the button on the right side of the three-button module to call the Roadside Assistant Call Centre and send your car's diagnostic data, location, depending on the privacy mode set. The operator will use the data received to help you identify the issue and request assistance.

If you have a serious accident, you can call Emergency Call Services directly. The emergency services can find your location from your vehicle's data.

What information does my vehicle send during a Breakdown Call?

When you activate the Breakdown Call service, your vehicle transmits relevant vehicle information such as: mileage (km/miles), remaining range (km/miles), seat belts status, HMI language, service digital schedule, vehicle configuration, and customer data from the enroled user. In addition, it shares the time and location of your vehicle when activating the Breakdown Call so your operator knows how to find you. This really comes in handy if your car has broken down in a sparsely populated area and you don't know where exactly you are. The data sent could differ depending on the privacy mode set.

For an updated release, it also includes Vehicle Health Report data with warning lights.

How do I contact Customer Care?

You can call your country's Customer Care by:

- Pressing the "i" button in your car's three-button module. Your location and service data are not transmitted during the call.

- The Infotainment through the phone section.

- My CUPRA app: Profile--> Help--> Contact Customer Care

What do the Delete User and Restore Factory Settings options do?

When you select Restore Factory Settings, you reset the Infotainment system to its initial factory settings. This process is required if you sell your car to a new owner. You can perform a reset, through the Infotainment system or via My CUPRA app (Garage section), the option via the App. Keep in mind that performing a reset deletes all of your configurations in the onboard Infotainment system. Your CUPRA ID account won't be deleted, but it will be unpaired from the vehicle.

If I select the Delete User option, will I lose all my user data?

Don't worry. If you select Delete User, you will only lose your vehicle data, not the user data attached to your CUPRA ID. Your user data can then be transferred to a new vehicle.

How do I reset my CUPRA CONNECT settings from the onboard infotainment system?

To reset your CUPRA CONNECT settings via the Infotainment system, tap on the Menu button and then select Setup. Now tap on Factory Settings and then choose if you want to reset your entire CUPRA CONNECT configuration or only one part. In both cases, you can also reset the vehicle user. Keep in mind that if you reset the user, your vehicle will no longer be linked to your user account and you will lose your vehicle data in the CUPRA ID portal. Also, you will have 14 days to recover your initial setttings.

What is automatic Online Vehicle Maintenance?

Online Vehicle Maintenance makes life easier for you. As soon as your car detects the need for a service, it notifies your preferred CUPRA Service Partner. Then it will call you to arrange a date for the appointment. No extra effort needed.

Want it your way? You can choose your Preferred Service Partner and contact method (email or phone) in My CUPRA app.

What happens if I don't select a preferred Service Partner (PSP)?

To use CUPRA CONNECT services, you need to register and then choose a local dealer in the My CUPRA app .

If you haven't selected a preferred service partner, you will see the words "Awaiting Activation” in the Service Management section.

What kind of vehicle data is transmitted automatically?

When your onboard infotainment system gives you a reminder about an upcoming inspection, your CUPRA service partner receives the following information about your car: 

- Your communication channel selected, email or phone (name, telephone and email)

- Car details (VIN, model year, car model)

- Mileage

- Type of inspection (oil change, service interval)

- Date and time of notification

- Number of days to the next inspection and oil change

Will my preferred Service Partner contact me?

Yes, in case of servicing needs (inspection, warning lights, etc.) the Service Partner that you have chosen as preferred is the one that will contact you if the automatic Online vehicle maintenance toggle in My CUPRA app is "ON".

Do I need to buy a data plan to use the Internet service?

Not necessarily. You can obtain the data required for the Internet service by tethering your smartphone to your car. You can also opt to purchase a separate data plan via: https://cupra.cubictelecom.com and through My CUPRA app (Profile section).

Where can I buy a data plan?

You can buy an out-of-car data plan, through our third-party partner, CUBIC https://cupra.cubictelecom.com

1. If you enable the option from CUBIC's site, you are the enrolled user and you are the SIM Owner. If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch with CUBIC Customer Care directly https://cupra.cubictelecom.com/en/contactUs.

2. In My CUPRA app you can also access the CUBIC website via the link.

How do I synchronise my car configuration settings?

Every time you change your vehicle configuration, it synchronises both inside the vehicle and usually online as well. Once the vehicle recognises you, all the settings that you had previously saved to your account will appear (e.g. driving/parking assistants, climate control and exterior lights, etc.). This way, you don't need to change the car configuration every time a new user drives or logs in to another CUPRA Born vehicle.

Which settings can I customise using my in-vehicle account?

You can customise the following settings:

- Clima

- Exterior Lightning

- Ambient preferences (only in vehicle)

- Mirrors

- FAS (Advance Driver-Assistance Systems) preferences, such as: ACC, Park Pilot, Side Assist, Rear Crossing Traffic Alert…

- Wipers

How does the Online Remote Update (ORU) work?

Automatic system updates can only be received and installed by the Primary User and when the vehicle is in 'Online Mode' or 'Online Mode with Location Data'. After the vehicle has completed the automatic download, a pop-up window appears in the infotainment indicating that the new online software is available. Accept the pop-up notification, switch off the vehicle and select: 'Update available' in the goodbye screen. The vehicle cannot be used during the installation process. Please note the time the update takes before proceeding with the installation process.

What is plug and charge online?

Available from Release 4.3.1 onwards: This function automatizes the payment and authentification process in public charging points, making the charging process easier and quicker. This way, you only need to plugin the charging cable to your vehicle.

What do I need in order to use Plug and Charge Online?

To be able to use this function and its advantages, you must have:

- Contract with a Mobility Service Provider (MSP) that offers plug and charge tariff compatibility (i.e: My CUPRA app).

- MSP provider certificate installed through the My CUPRA app. Only Primary users are allowed to do it.

- Register with your MSP

- The function has to be activated

- The privacy settings have to be in Online Mode with location data.

How do I use Plug and Charge Online?

To use the Plug and Charge Online function, you just need to follow these steps:

- Register with your MSP

- Activate the function through My CUPRA app.

- Plug in the vehicle with a compatible charger and you will be invoiced automatically through your MSP provider (i.e: My CUPRA app).

What is the Vehicle Status service?

The Vehicle Status compiles important data concerning your car's mileage, upcoming services and any warning lights, displayed on the instrument panel (e.g: defective bulb). The data overview, is available in the My CUPRA App as well.

If the Breakdown Call is triggered all relevant warning lights from Vehicle Health Report are sent to the Roadside Assistance Center.

Release 4.3.0 vehicles are not compatible with this function.

When can I request a Vehicle Status?

Unfortunately you cannot download the file with your vehicle status, however you will be able to visualise many different parameters of the vehicle status, see "What is the Vehicle Status service?".

Does my vehicle continuously send new data?

The most recent Vehicle Status isn't sent automatically. The information will only be up to date if the engine was switched on, while the car was in an area with network coverage. This means that if you don't start your car for 5 days, the data will be 5 days old. It also means that any damages or malfunctions in your vehicle that occur after the engine is switched off will not be recorded.

What is the Doors & Lights service?

In case the status of the vehicle has changed or requires your attention, a new display will be shown in the App, with the affected warning status, which comprises:

- Door status (open & unlocked)

- Windows: open

- Parking lights: on

- Bonnet: open

- Boot: open

Otherwise, you will see the My Car screen with the car 3D render.

Why doesn't the My CUPRA app display the current data of Doors & Lights?

If you don't see your most recent data in the My CUPRA app, don't worry. It could be that your car didn't have network coverage when it was switched off, or that the vehicle wasn't switched off properly. If that isn't the case, check that your app is up to date and update it manually if necessary. If the issue persists, please get in touch with CUPRA Customer Care.

What is the Parking Position service?

The Parking Position service lets you find your car from wherever you are. Getting to your car is quick and easy thanks to the in-app navigation, which clearly displays a map with where and when you parked and even a possible route to your car.

How precise is the Parking Position?

The Parking Position is usually precise within 5 to 10 metres. Accuracy depends on several external factors, particularly GPS signal quality and type of GPS technology used.

Is my car's live location continuously updating, such as while driving?

Your car's current position is only transferred once the engine has been switched off.

What is the Climatisation service?

You can set up the desired temperature of the vehicle using the climatisation function before departure via the My CUPRA app (Air Conditioning Section).

In addition, for Release 4.3.0 onwards vehicles, the rear window heating can be activated.

You can also visualise the current climatisation status of the vehicle through My CUPRA app.

Can I set the temperature?

The interior temperature of the vehicle can be set to your desired value. The vehicle will decide whether to activate the A/C or heating.

Why isn't the Remote Climatisation service working?

If the Remote climatisation service isn't working properly, please check that your car is parked and the engine is off.

Rear window heating can be activated either:

1. Inmediately, via quick action (without temperature limitation)

2. Via schedules, in which case it will only be available if the outside temperature is 4°C or below. 

Front seat heating can be activated if exterior  temperature is strictly below 12ºC  (new rule vs. 4.3.0.)

What is the e-Manager service?

The e-Manager service lets you start & stop immediate charge of the battery, schedule charging and its desired target charging or configure a routine.

The charging process is optimally performed to save energy costs. This includes charging during the night or starting and stopping the charging process, according to your needs.

Also, you are able to set the maximum charging current and the Battery Care Mode (improves the use of the battery and extends its life cycle). The Battery Care Mode will warn you with a notification that 80% has been surpassed. This service, can also be deactivated throught the App. 

Using the My CUPRA app (e-Manager section), you can check the charging status, remaining range and remaining charging time and the connection through the charging plug (in/out), charging rate and type of charge (AC/DC). Furthermore, you can also let the connector cable be released automatically once the charging process is finished, if you have previously configured it.

When I send a request, how long does the vehicle take to wake up?

The vehicle may take up to 2 minutes to wake up to interact with the app.

How can I create/delete a profile?

To create or delete a profile, the customer will have to do so through the Infotainment, in vehicle section-->e-Manager-->routines. There you will be able to set the routines. You can program up to 5 profiles with 3 timers each. Once the profile is set, it can be edited the same way via the Infotainment or via the My CUPRA app (e-Manager section).

How often are my maps updated?

Your maps will be updated once a month. The Online Map Update is performed automatically, based on your car position and destination.

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