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A leasing agreement is ideal for people who want to drive a new car without the pressures that come from ownership.


How it Works

With Operating Lease/Long Term Rental, you are the vehicle user instead of the owner. This means that you pay a monthly rate for the use of the car during the term of the contract and simply return the vehicle to your dealer at the end of the term. You benefit from carefree mobility with an all-in-one package of services ranging from insurance to service plans.

The Benefits

  • Includes servicing – Choose from various service levels to maintain your car's condition with a single monthly rental.
  • No ownership risks – Since it's a lease, you won't worry about the car depreciating while you use it.
  • Regular upgrades – After you hand your CUPRA back, you can opt for the newest models to replace it.
Lease a CUPRA


Auto Credit is designed to give you maximum flexibility at the end of your contract.


How it Works

Decide on your initial payment, how much you plan to drive a year, and your contract duration. This is used to work out your monthly payments and optional final payment, which gives you the ability to plan ahead with a fixed monthly installment.  At the end of your contract duration, you can choose to exhange, keep or return the car.

The Benefits

  • Low monthly payments – Spreads the car's cost over the contract and reduces monthly expenses.
  • Guaranteed future value – You car's future value is agreed upon at the start of your contract for peace of mind.
  • Keeps options open – Allows you to decide what to do with your car as the contract comes to an end.
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Classic Credit is a financing option that allows you to own your CUPRA with simple, fixed monthly payments.


How it Works

Classic Credit offers a straightforward path to CUPRA ownership. Simply choose your CUPRA, place an optional deposit and select a suitable repayment period. Once all repayments are made, the vehicle is yours. Enjoy the benefits of ownership without mileage restrictions, flexible repayment periods and no balloon payment, making budgeting easier.

The Benefits

  • Ownership – Classic Credit allows you to own your CUPRA once you have covered all the repayments.
  • No mileage restrictions – Enjoy driving your CUPRA with Classic Credit, without worrying about extra mileage fees.
  • Flexible repayment period – Offers you the freedom to choose the agreement's duration that works for you.
  • No balloon payment – The full vehicle cost is covered. There is no lump-sum payment at the end.
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