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At CUPRA we know success is not about written rules. It’s about attitude. It’s about commitment. It’s about being rebellious and innovative. And it’s about the people who make the brand. Are you ready to join the Tribe?



Do you have what it takes to join the Tribe? 

We’re looking for outsiders with something in common: passion for the motor world, great communication skills and a rebellious spirit that customers can associate with the brand.


CUPRA Master


Responsible of being the main point of contact between CUPRA and new customers. Guide them through the discovery, acquisition and the use of CUPRA products with instilling passion.

Do you have what it takes to be a CUPRA Master?

  • Are you a passionate and proactive go-getter?
  • Do you excel in both traditional and digital communication?
  • Do you believe you can deliver an outstanding customer service experience? Check!
  • Are you obsessed with the automotive and mobility world?  We love that!

We want you to...

  • Ensure every customer has a true CUPRA experience. 
  • Don’t be afraid provide a personal and exclusive attendance!
  • Show and convey your passion for the brand!
  • Build a proactive relationship with the customer.
  • Be ready to share your feedback and help us build CUPRA together!
  • Use your passion for the automobile world and transform it into sales.
I want to be a CUPRA Master



Responsible of guiding customers through their After Sales CUPRA journey with professional treatment and great technical knowledge of CUPRA products and services.

Do you have what it takes to be a CUPRA Expert?

  • Passionate, fearless, and forward-thinking? That’s you!
  • Communication wizard in both traditional and digital realms? Impressive!
  • Customer service pro? You’ve got the experience!
  • Automotive and mobility enthusiast? We’re on the same page!
  • Organisation and planning skills? Nailed it!
  • Are you ready to show your technical knowledge about CUPRA? You’ll do great!

We want you to...

  • Promise and achieve!
  • Detect needs and bring solutions. Be one step ahead.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on the customer!
  • Be prepared to provide advice and support at any time.
  • Make sure the journey of the customer with CUPRA continues  with every visit!
I want to be a CUPRA Expert
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