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When will the Tavascan go on sale?

The first units of the CUPRA Tavascan will reach the Spanish market at the end of 2024. Check out the CUPRA Tavascan website for more updates.

Will the Tavascan be available in e-HYBRID or combustion versions?

No. The CUPRA Tavascan is Cupra's first 100% electric SUV. 

What versions will there be of the Tavascan?

The Tavascan Endurance (range of 562 km) and the Tavascan VZ (range of 520 km) will be launched. Click here to learn more about the main differences.

What are the advantages of purchasing an electric Tavascan?

Purchasing an electric Tavascan offers many advantages in comparison to combustion cars: 

- It offers compliance with the Climate Change Law. This is because electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions, helping to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, which is crucial for combating climate change and improving air quality in cities.

- It provides more cost savings because electricity is cheaper than gasoline or diesel, leading to lower operating costs as well as, generally, lower maintenance costs.

- Governments also offer various tax incentives and rebates for electric car buyers, such as reduced registration fees, road tax exemptions, and lower VAT rates on electric vehicles.

- Owning an electric car can provide access to restricted areas like low-emission zones. For example, some cities in Spain, like Madrid and Barcelona, have implemented low-emission zones where only low-emission vehicles, including electric cars, are allowed to enter.

- Additionally, businesses in many countries can benefit from tax deductions when purchasing electric vehicles for their fleets, promoting the adoption of electric mobility.

Where can I learn more about the CUPRA Tavascan?

Check out CUPRA Tavascan website to learn more about the new 100% electric CUPRA vehicle.

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