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Cupra Charging Map FAQs

Do I need a CUPRA Easy Charging subscription?

No, you do not need a CUPRA Charging  subscription for the installation or usage of the CUPRA Charging Map.

How much does the CUPRA Charging Map cost to download?

Installing the CUPRA Charging Map is completely free of charge.

Is it possible for me to see charging points outside of the CUPRA Charging network?

Yes, the application displays all charging stations. Charging stations within the CUPRA Charging network are marked with the CUPRA Charging logo.

Can I manage my subscription from the CUPRA Charging Map?

The management of your CUPRA Charging profile and subscription must be done through the My CUPRA App.

What is the price of charging shown in the CUPRA Charging Map?

If you're logged in and have a subscription from CUPRA Charging, the application will display the charging prices tied to your subscription. If you don't have a subscription from CUPRA  Charging, the application will show the prices of the "Free" tariff.

How can I quickly access the CUPRA Charging Map?

You can add the application to the quick access menu at the bottom of the infotainment screen for quicker access to the application.

Do I need to be enrolled in the CUPRA ecosystem to activate the CUPRA Charging Map?

Yes, you must have signed up to the CUPRA Connect (CUPRA ID) ecosystem as a primary user to be eligible to use the in-car shop and download applications into your vehicle.

Is the CUPRA Charging Map app compatible with cars with ME 3.0 or newer?

Yes, it is compatible with ME 3.0 or newer cars, provided two conditions are met: firstly, the CUPRA Car must have the ME3 software, so if it's an early vehicle, you may need to have it updated. Secondly, you must have a CUPRA Connect account/license and be signed in as a primary user to access and purchase from the in-car shop.

How does charging station location information appear in the CUPRA Charging Map? Who is collecting this data?

The charging station information is collected from several databases. The collector is CARIAD (VWAG). Elli is one of the databases providing this information.

Can I use the CUPRA Charging Map as a usual navigation map?

Yes, the CUPRA Charging Map has a feature that automatically displays charging station information from the CUPRA Charging Map within the MEB navigation system.

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