get your cupra formentor online with cupra leasing


Classic Credit is a financing option that allows you to own your CUPRA with simple fixed monthly payments.


  1. Choose your car

    Start by choosing your perfect CUPRA.

  2. Place an optional deposit

    Either part-exchange or cash.

  3. Repayment period

    Opt for the repayment period that is suitable for you.

  4. At the end of the agreement

    Once you have paid all repayments the vehicle is yours to keep.


Enjoy the CUPRA experience with fixed instalments and become the owner at the end of the term - a straightforward way to experience CUPRA excellence. Here's what you can expect:



Classic Credit allows you to own your CUPRA once you have covered all the repayments.

No mileage restrictions

Unlike some leasing options, there are no mileage restrictions with Classic Credit. Drive your CUPRA
without the worry of additional mileage fees.

Flexible repayment period

With Classic Credit, you get more choice with how long the agreement lasts. Choose the repayment period that suits you.

No balloon payment

There is no balloon payment at the end of a
Classic Credit agreement. Monthly payments
together with a deposit cover the entire cost
of the vehicle, making budgeting easier.


With the Classic Credit financing option, you become the rightful owner of the vehicle when you have paid all the fixed monthly installments over the agreed contract period.

We suggest first visiting your local CUPRA website and configuring your ideal car online. Usually, you will be provided with an estimated monthly repayment amount. If not, we then suggest contacting your local retailer with the details of your ideal CUPRA and they will gladly calculate the monthly installment for you, based on your exact requirements.

Balloon finance is when the finance agreement defers some of the car’s price until the end of the contract. This can bring down the monthly cost compared to other types of finance. It increases affordability for the customer and provides a purchase option at the end of the contract to own the car outright.

As a general rule, you can trade in your current vehicle and use the profit to pay part of the financing for your new vehicle, such as the down payment at the beginning of the contract period. Depending on your down payment amount, you can lower the monthly payments. 

Ask your local CUPRA retailer about this option.

You can choose freely from the entire range of configurable options and models from CUPRA, creating your own personalised dream car.

Upon accident resulting in a total loss or theft, the optional CUPRA purchase price protection protects you, regardless of whether it is caused by a third-party or self-inflicted. The purchase price protection reimburses you for the difference between the original purchase price and the replacement value of the vehicle. If you have fully comprehensive insurance as part of the contract, the purchase price protection also covers the excess. Therefore, the purchase price protection provides you with peace of mind in the event of such a situation.

However, please check with your local CUPRA retailer for a personalised insurance offer.

Classic Credit is a financing option that allows you to own your CUPRA with simple, fixed monthly payments. Enjoy the CUPRA experience with fixed instalments and become the owner at the end of the term.

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