CUPRA Connect


What is CONNECT Plus?

CONNECT Plus improves your overall driving experience by providing real-time navigation information. Is only available for cars equipped with the Navi System and has a 3-year free trial. After that period, if the customer wants to continue using those features must renew it subscription.


Commercial offer valid for:


- CUPRA Ateca produced in week 13/2024 onwards.

– CUPRA Formentor produced in week 22/2024 onwards.

– CUPRA Leon and CUPRA Leon SP produced in week 20/2024 onwards.


If the vehicle is produced before these dates, please contact your dealer or Customer Care.

What is the Parking service?

The Parking service looks for suitable car parks and displays the number of available spots, opening hours, prices, distance and capacity. This saves you time and reduces risk of distraction.

What is the Petrol Stations service?

Thanks to the Petrol Stations service, you can see an overview of the refuelling stations in your area, including their opening hours and gas prices. The service also lets you know what type of fuel your car needs.

What is the Charging stations service?

Thanks to the charging stations service, you can see an overview of the charging stations in your area, including their opening hours, prices and the type of electric chargers. The service also lets you know information about charging power, charger availability and more.

Where can I plan my routes?

You can conveniently plan your routes at My CUPRA App.

To be able to receive destinations, the navigation system in your vehicle must be online and must contain map data for the respective destinations. The next time you switch on the ignition of your vehicle with an existing mobile network connection, you will be informed that new trips are available and you can download them to your vehicle.

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