CUPRA Born 2024 - Dashboard's technology and blue upholstery



Visual cues for the road ahead. Offering an immersive experience that integrates essential drive data and displays it directly on the windscreen. Watch the video to discover how it works.


CUPRA Born with 20” Aero wheels with Copper and black finishes

Rear Traffic Alert

Warns you of approaching or nearby vehicles when reversing out of a parking space.

CUPRA Born with 20” Aero wheels with glossy black finishes

Evasive Steering Assist

Semi-automatic assistance to avoid collisions with upcoming vehicles that have suddenly slowed.

CUPRA Born with 20” Aero wheels in sport black finishes

Exit Warning

Detecting incoming traffic while opening your door, this system gives off an acoustic alert.

CUPRA Born with 19” Aero wheels with glossy black and Copper finishes

Adaptive Cruise Control

Set your preferred speed and let ACC take over, adjusting automatically to surrounding traffic.

CUPRA Born with 19” Aero wheels with black sport finishes

High Beam Assist

When travelling at night or in bad weather, your beam will automatically adjust between full or dipped.


Born to stay connected wherever you go. Monitor your car, whether you’re near or far.

CUPRA Born 12.9inch infotainment screen

12.9" Infotainment System

Enjoy real-time online navigation, access a vast array of media and control your vehicle remotely. Stay connected, drive smarter and immerse yourself in pure innovation.

CUPRA owner connected to My CUPRA App to set the temperature remotely


Take command of your CUPRA with the My CUPRA app. Use the app to adjust the car's temperature, set a charging schedule and effortlessly locate your parked car. With features such as remote light control and instant alerts.

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