People posing on CUPRA Born Aurora Blue colour


Provides vital visual cues and driver assistance. Responsive to infotainment functions and integrated assistant systems.


A sportive exterior built for enhanced performance and agility.

Full LED headlights

Emitting pure CUPRA character with signature ceremony lights.

CUPRA Born Aurora Blue colour with C-Pillar mouldings

C-Pillar mouldings

The three-dimensional textured surface provides stylish exterior dynamism.


CUPRA Born 2024 Dark Forest – Electric Car

Dark Forest

Explore the depths of nature's mystery with the rich green of Dark Forest, evoking the dense canopy of ancient woodlands. This color promises adventure and discovery, embodying the allure of primal wilderness.

CUPRA Born 2024 Aurora Blue – Electric Car

Aurora Blue

Embrace the peaceful beauty of the Arctic with Aurora Blue – a captivating blue tone that reflects authenticity, freshness and athletic elegance.

CUPRA Born 2024 Vapor Grey – Electric Car

Vapor Grey

Immerse yourself in the mysterious sophistication of Vapor Grey, inspired by enigmatic mists and landscapes veiled in fog. Add intrigue and emotion to your CUPRA Born.

CUPRA Born 2024 Midnight Black – Electric Car

Midnight Black

Embrace timeless elegance with Midnight Black, reminiscent of the infinite night sky. This sophisticated shade exudes mystery and sophistication, making a bold statement wherever you go.

CUPRA Born 2024 Glacial White – Electric Car

Glacial White

Purity meets elegance in Glacial White, honouring majestic ice formations and bringing elegance, authenticity and clarity to your CUPRA Born.

CUPRA Born 2024 Geyser Silver – Electric Car

Geyser Silver

Experience the bursting force of geysers with Geyser Silver – a dynamic and athletic silver hue that mirrors the energy of flowing water.

Sharp and Unconventional

CUPRA Born Aurora Blue colour with rear bumper

Rear Bumper

Eye-catching from every angle, with sleek, powerful lines.

CUPRA Born Aurora Blue colour with side skirts

Side Skirts

Bold lines mark the side skirts, echoing the aerodynamic sportiness of the model.

Wheel selection

New CUPRA Born 2024 - Specs Tires & Wheels Thunderstorm

20" Thunderstorm

Black glossy aero wheels with 3D copper inserts and 215 mm tires, engineered for a dynamic, refined driving experience and fierce performance.

New CUPRA Born 2024 - Specs Tires & Wheels Tornado

20" Tornado

Forged wheels with a sleek glossy black finish, paired with 235 mm performance tyres for optimal grip and maximum control.

CUPRA Born with 20” Aero wheels with glossy black finishes

20" Firestorm

Aero wheels in Glossy Black with Sport Black inserts echo superior style.

CUPRA Born with 20” Aero wheels in sport black finishes

20’’ Hurricane

Aero wheels in Sport Black. Built for power, with a striking design.

CUPRA Born with 19” Aero wheels with glossy black and Copper finishes

19" Copper Typhoon

Aero wheels in Glossy Black with Copper detailing for a sleek aesthetic.

CUPRA Born with 19” Aero wheels with black sport finishes

19’’ Typhoon

Aero wheels in Sport Black for unrivalled sportiness.


Sophisticated and understated. Contemporary yet timeless.

CUPRA Born VZ steering wheel regen braking and 12.9inch infotainment


Backlit sliders allow for volume and temperature adjustments in any light, while the wheel’s satellite buttons offer quick access to e-Boost and drive profiles.

CUPRA Born interior view of the central console

Central console

A sleek black design that fuses storage and connectivity solutions.


New CUPRA Born 2024 Heater Electric Car Seats

Enceladus Grey CUP Bucket seats

Sporty electric CUP Bucket Seats with memory function and heating. Made of SEAQUAL yarn and 73% recycled DINAMICA material. The backrest is made of 100% recycled natural flax fibre.

CUPRA Born bucket seats with Dinamica Aurora Blue colour upholstery

Aurora Blue DINAMICA® Bucket Seats

Recycled vegan microfibre with 12-way settings, massage function and heating tech.

CUPRA Born bucket seats with Granite grey Dinamica colour

Granite Grey DINAMICA® Bucket Seats

All the features that come with the Aurora Blue bucket seats, but in an elegant Granite Grey.

CUPRA Born SEAQUAL bucket seats with marine plastic material

SEAQUAL® Bucket Seats

Crafted using state-of-the-art recycled marine plastic in collaboration with SEAQUAL®.


Woman inside a CUPRA Born using the dashboard and infotainment screen


Ergonomically designed interior built around a central console.

CUPRA Born interior view of the Dinamica rear seats

DINAMICA® Rear Seats

Ample space and comfort, featuring split folding backrest and a centre armrest.

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