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Tavascan DNA Series: Exterior Design

Incorporating disruptive and expressive elements, the CUPRA Tavascan introduces a design language for a new generation of car enthusiasts

Julio Lozano, the Head of Exterior Design at CUPRA, provides insights into the creation of this daring design which is expanding the CUPRA Universe whilst showcasing our identity and aspirations to the world. 

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Episode Two – The CUPRA Tavascan Design Story

A powerful personality and human-centric design is reflected in the CUPRA Tavascan’s exterior traits, such as headlamps which resemble eyes, a progressive sculptural body and a coast-to-coast tail lamp design.

Triangle Eye Headlamps

Visually striking while prioritising safety, the distinctive three-triangle eye headlamps provide a clear view for the car’s occupants, even in adverse weather conditions. The headlamps do not dazzle other drivers heading towards the vehicle, whether they’re in front or behind.

V-shaped CUPRA Car Bonnet

The progressively sculpted V-shaped bonnet design imbues the CUPRA Tavascan with attitude and dynamism – its audacious contours accentuate the vehicle’s athleticism and the thrill of speed.

Rear Coast-to-Coast Taillight

The rear lighting further enhances the emotional design of the CUPRA Tavascan. Our goal was for the car to exude vitality, so we positioned the illuminating CUPRA logo at the heart of the coast-to-coast tail lamp. When the car starts, the light radiates from the logo, extending towards the edges like blood pulsing through veins.

Aside from its sportive and streamlined look, the rear coast-to-coast lighting provides safety by making the vehicle visible to other road users without creating glare. This lighting concept visually expands the car’s rear proportions, amplifying the sense of breadth and strength, further highlighted by vertical reflectors on the sides of the vehicle.
This fresh approach works in tandem to project a distinctive character with powerful performance that prioritises safety.

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