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Enjoy extraordinary experiences that break boundaries between physical and digital spaces. From the metaverse to IRL concept car events.

Visit a Showroom

CUPRA Garages and CUPRA Service Specialists

Our team is here to help. Find your favourite vehicle, assistance or accessories at a CUPRA showroom near you.

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CUPRA Squared Experience

Go Beyond

Feel the thrill of the racetrack via the CUPRA Squared Experience. Start your engines, celebrate motorsport performance with an exhilarating drive into virtual reality.

Immerse Yourself.


Explore and Evolve

Connect and collaborate with the CUPRA Tribe via the metaverse.



Ride into the year 2101

A sneak peek of our latest Sci-Fi, a world where rebels race to reawaken humanity.


The CUPRA e-Garage

Inspired by Cap Formentor

A virtual CUPRA hub, located on a spectacular Mediterranean viewpoint.


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