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True innovation cannot exist without questioning and pushing the boundaries of what’s accepted. This is the challenger spirit, and it’s what drives us. At CUPRA, we engineer vehicles that go beyond, so you can experience life in an entirely different way. But that’s not all we do; for us, redefining the expectations of what a contemporary brand is capable of also comes with the territory. So, we’re thrilled to announce our involvement in the development of a new TV series that will cut straight to the heart of just what it means to be a true challenger. Additionally, we’re excited to see the CUPRA e-Racer, the first 100% electric racing car, appear throughout the show’s action-packed scenes.

Created by Spanish Director, Screenwriter and Producer Albert Uria, with Daniel Posada writing its first teaser, RPM is an exciting new Sci-Fi production, set in the year 2101: a time where emotions are forbidden and a group of rebels bravely fight to reawaken humanity. As co-producers, we’re able to offer a CUPRA-sneak peak of at what to expect.

RPM teaser

The show stars Natalia Reyes, the Colombian actress best known for her role in the latest instalment of the Terminator franchise, along with Spanish actor Eduard Fernández from the series 30 Monedas, and Goya-award-nominated actress Juana Acosta. It’s anticipated that the first season would consist of eleven, one-hour episodes, drawing us into the dystopian world of a sprawling mega-metropolis, an unforgiving environment where an endless cloud of smog hangs over grim city streets, as a stark reminder of the ravaging toils of overpopulation.

RPM’s creators tell us that the show is “set in a future where the entire population is controlled, human emotion is banned and technocratic control reigns, but there is however a small group of rebels who compete in clandestine car races…to feel adrenaline…to feel emotion…and to feel alive once again”. With a mission to reawaken humanity and bring down the tyrannical oppressors, it is left to the group, known only as The Originals to stir things up.

BEHIND THE SCENES - What if emotions were forbidden?

The title of the series is no coincidence. “It’s named RPM after the revolutions per minute of car engines, but at the same time it talks about different revolutions, such as the emotional revolution of feeling alive while driving, and of being a rebel, of feeling human” says the series creator and director Albert Uría.

‘Our cars will always defend the fact that driving is an emotion, as it precisely reflects CUPRA’s philosophy”, explains Antonino Labate, director of Strategy, Business Development & Operation at CUPRA.

And adds: ‘We are a tribe because we love to experience the driving feeling, and cars are important to bring this emotion to life. Technology without emotions makes no sense”

Can you imagine a world where feelings are forbidden? Discover more of this new Sci-Fi TV-series on the video. 

RPM behind the scenes
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