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CUPRA Garages and CUPRA Service Specialists

CUPRA is much more than a car brand, it’s a lifestyle. Explore maximum provocation, vehicles that challenge the status quo, exclusive merchandise and car maintenance services. Find a CUPRA Garage or CUPRA Showroom near you and delve into the CUPRA universe.

What is a CUPRA Garage?

More than just a showcase for the latest CUPRA models, CUPRA Garages are hubs where you can explore various iterations of CUPRA design. Take the wheel, discover groundbreaking vehicles ready for you to drive, as well as the CUPRA Collection – a selection of exclusive merchandise and collaborations. Car maintenance and servicing is also available at these locations. 


What is a CUPRA Service Specialist?

A CUPRA Service Specialist is a dedicated space for car servicing and maintenance, as well as information on CUPRA Care and e-Care services. At a CUPRA Service Specialist, you can book maintenance appointments and access expert support tailored specifically for your CUPRA vehicle. It’s a designated destination for personalised CUPRA car care.

Meet the CUPRA Team

We anticipate your arrival at CUPRA Garages and CUPRA Service Specialists, ready to guide you on your journey with us. Here’s what you can expect.


CUPRA Masters

CUPRA Masters* provide a comprehensive CUPRA customer experience, whether you wish to explore our range of EVs, browse merchandise, take a test drive, select a vehicle leasing option or make a purchase. They are at CUPRA Garages, ready to help you with vehicle purchases, leasing or renting subscriptions.


CUPRA Experts

CUPRA Experts provide technical support, car servicing and maintenance, including car part upgrades. Their expertise also involves offering guidance in relation to CUPRA Care and E-Care so you can make the most of your CUPRA. They are available to assist with after sales at CUPRA Service Specialists and CUPRA Garages.

Visit a CUPRA Garage or a CUPRA Service Specialist

CUPRA vehicles – including e-HYBRIDs, electric and traditional models – are available at CUPRA Garages worldwide, where we also offer assistance and maintenance for all models.

At CUPRA Garages or CUPRA Service Specialists we also offer CUPRA Care & E-Care Packs which combine warranty, maintenance and insurance into a convenient monthly fee.

For more exponential experiences, you can also explore the option of visiting a CUPRA City Garage in select cities.

* Please be aware that CUPRA Masters may hold varying titles in different markets. For instance, in the UK, they may be referred to as CUPRA Specialists. This terminology difference does not impact their expertise. Thank you for your understanding.

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