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CUPRA enters Forza Horizon.

CUPRA continues its journey into the gaming world with the launch of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Racing Concept in Forza Horizon 5.

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Set to embark

CUPRA x De Antonio Yachts.

We are taking high-performance to the seas in our latest collaboration. The D28 Formentor by De Antonio Yachts is inspired by the iconic CUPRA Formentor itself.

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A new era for CUPRA

The Impulse Event.

We released our electrifying vision for the following years at Terramar.

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Paolo Pellegrin x CUPRA

A photo journey in Greenland.

Our collaboration to document nature’s breathtaking power and fragility.

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The world of gaming

CUPRA x eSports Club.

We teamed up with presenter and streamer Ibai Llanos and FC Barcelona star Gerard Piqué for the eSports collaboration of a lifetime.

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CUPRA x Padel

The game continues.

We reinforce our commitment to the fastest-growing sport in Europe.

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The first all-electric CUPRA

The CUPRA Born world premiere.

CUPRA’s expansion into a new era - a perfect match between electrification and full performance.

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CUPRA and the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE team up to create the new CUPRA Born’s seats using plastic waste.

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The CUPRA Born

Our first 100% electric car.

Tested in some of the harshest environments to ensure performance in all conditions.

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CUPRA Formentor VZ5

The ultimate expression of combustion performance: a lasting tribute to “petrol-heads” everywhere.

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The first all-electric CUPRA

The new CUPRA Born.

The new CUPRA Born is living proof that performance and electrification are a perfect match.

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One of a kind: CUPRA Ateca SE.

What defines one of a kind? The limited special edition of the CUPRA Ateca.

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Create your own path.

It's a simple yet empowering message that connects people to the first model from CUPRA.

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A modern rarity.

Rarely, different elements come together to form something new, something legendary.

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CUPRA x Padel

Teaming up for another round.

CUPRA and the International Padel Federation continue partnering up to redefine the world of padel.

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The handover

Barça players receive their CUPRAs.

After exploring the world of CUPRA and configuring their own versions of the brand’s models, the Barça players were handed the keys to their customised cars.

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CUPRA’s 3rd Anniversary.

On February 22nd, we celebrated the beginning of a new era for our brand at the CUPRA e-Garage.

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A contemporary experience

Barça players customise their CUPRAs.

At a recent unique CUPRA event, twenty FC Barcelona players became part of the CUPRA World by creating their ideal cars.

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The CUPRA e-Garage

A unique virtual platform.

CUPRA is strengthening its digital strategy by opening “the CUPRA e-Garage in Cap Formentor”.

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CUPRA in the world of padel

CUPRA Formentor: official car of the World Padel Tour.

Sharing values of passion, determination and sportiness makes the Formentor the perfect candidate to be named official car of the sport.

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CUPRA and FC Barcelona

Joining forces.

CUPRA stand in solidarity alongside FC Barcelona in the fight against COVID-19.

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