New cupra leon 2024 hybrid car technology, LED rear lighting, phev vehicle parked on cement, structure with glowing edges. The vehicle is shown in a matt grey finish with forged copper and black wheels.


CUPRA Matrix Led

Enjoy energy efficient enhancing CUPRA Matrix LEDs. Adjusts to road conditions, improving visibility and reducing glare for nearby drivers.  Includes the signature ceremony function to create a warm welcome.

new cupra leon 2024 phev car technology, matrix led headlights, forged wheels with copper accents and brembo brakes

CUPRA Front LED Headlights

Signature unconventional LED headlights offer maximum efficiency and are seamlessly integrated into the front.


Expressive and dynamic features for fierce and sporty driving.

new cupra leon 2024 phev car technology,  immersive by sennheiser equipment. close up of sennheiser speaker on cupra leon door panel, sound waves and ambient lighting.

IMMERSIVE BY Sennheiser™ audio

Includes 12 speakers for a symphony of soundscapes. State-of-the-art technology for exceptional audio, enveloping you at every turn.

close up of new cupra leon 2024 technology, steering wheel with satelite buttons, car cockpit, drivers seat view, wing mirror, infotainment system, dashboard door panel, cupra logo and window.

CUPRA Steering Wheel

Drive with dominance. Take the Triptronic wheel – with heating and integrated buttons, upholstered in high-quality Nappa leather in black.

Smart Functions

how to use new cupra leon 2024 and adaptive cruise control system, ACC visual demo

Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control

Anticipate road conditions with Predictive Cruise Control, adjusting speed for upcoming curves, intersections and traffic changes.

how to use new cupra leon 2024 exit warning system, visual demo with shapes and blue background

Side Assist, Exit Assist & Exit Warning

Secure lane changes with Side Assist sensors. Get alerts for vehicles approaching from behind with the Exit Warning system.

new cupra leon 2024, new pre crash safety technology, blue background and visual demo

Pre-crash Assist

Advanced sensors prepare the vehicle for unlikely collisions – the Pre-Crash assist function tightens seat belts and closes windows as a precaution.

how to use new cupra leon 2024 traffic sign recongnition technology, demo, blue background

Traffic Sign Recognition

Stay alert with Traffic Sign Recognition providing visual cues and notifications for speed limits and road signs.

how to use new cupra leon 2024 light assist technology, demo, blue background

Light Assist

Enhance visibility with Light Assist, adjusting beam brightness and direction automatically for optimal driving visibility.


Experience the power to lock, unlock and monitor your car effortlessly from anywhere with CUPRA Connect.

: Interior view of a new cupra leon 2024 car showing the overhead console with a wing mirror, LED car cabin lights,  various controls and cupra connectivity features, including an SOS emergency button.


Get roadside assistance in the rare case of a breakdown. Real-time data is sent to our team who can then locate and assist you.

: new cupra leon 2024 dashboard view, infotainment system screen with cupra connect plus, for finding PHEV charging stations, live traffic alerts, charging stations and finding car parks.


Stay connected with real-time traffic updates and navigation assistance. Find your preferred car parks and charging stations.

Near-production vehicle. Vehicle not for sale.
At this moment in time, the manufacture of this vehicle has not yet been completed, pending its placement on the market.

*Data for 1.5 e-HYBRID 200kW (272hp) engine.

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