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Unveiling the New Electrified SUV: CUPRA Terramar

In Győr, Hungary, CUPRA unveiled the new CUPRA Terramar, an electrified SUV to 200 employees at the Audi Hungaria factory, where the new vehicle will be manufactured.

Wayne Griffiths, the CEO of CUPRA, Markus Haupt (SEAT S.A.’s Executive Vice President for Production and Logistics), Alfons Dintner (CEO of Audi Hungaria), Zoltán Les (Board Member of Car Production of Audi Hungaria) and other representatives from Audi Hungaria were present. The employees of the plant got an up-close look at the vehicle and were given an exclusive preview of the vehicle they will be start producing in 2024.

The CUPRA Terramar Presentation at Audi Hungaria

Moments before the unveiling, Wayne Griffiths addressed the stakeholders to highlight “We’re rebels with a great vision and an unconventional way of thinking, and together we’ll do great things”.

Griffiths described the CUPRA Terramar as a blend of “emotion, coolness and sportiness with electrification,” aimed at the rapidly growing SUV market in Europe. Expressing his enthusiasm and gratitude towards the Audi Hungaria team, Griffiths extended a warm welcome to them as part of the CUPRA Tribe, emphasising their collective role in manufacturing the electrified SUV, “which perfectly reflects CUPRA’s DNA”.

Alfons Dintner, CEO of Audi Hungaria, echoed Griffiths’ sentiments by regarding the CUPRA Terramar as an inspirational addition to the future of vehicle production, acknowledging CUPRA's successful journey and the promising prospects ahead. He assured the highest quality standards in the production process.

Griffiths highlighted that manufacturing CUPRA Terramar in Győr is “a way of extending the strong relationship between SEAT S.A. and Audi”. Notably, Audi Hungaria is already responsible for producing engines for the Formentor VZ5, a five-cylinder variant of CUPRA's top-selling model. The CUPRA Formentor, which has achieved a delivery of over 80,000 units this year, is manufactured at SEAT Martorell, the same location where the Audi A1 comes from.

The CUPRA Terramar: An Electrified Hero for a New Era

The CUPRA Terramar, measuring 4.5 meters in length, combines distinctive CUPRA DNA design elements and bold proportions. It features a long bonnet and a shark nose, representative of CUPRA’s drive to move forward and the determination to win.

Scheduled for release in 2024, this electrified SUV will be available with Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) versions as well as a new generation of plug-in hybrid powertrains offering approximately 100 kilometers of electric-only range. Named after Terramar, Sitges (Spain), where the CUPRA brand embarked on its journey nearly five years ago, this model is a part of CUPRA’s electrification strategy for 2025, alongside two other electrified vehicles – the CUPRA Tavascan and the Urban Rebel.

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