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A modern rarity.

CUPRA Ateca.

Rarely, different elements come together to form something new, something legendary. Often these creations push the limits of what’s possible. They challenge perceptions, and tell a story of extraordinary human adventure. The new CUPRA Ateca is such a thing. Sportiness, meets sophistication. A symbol of understated power, and balanced control.

Directly linked with CUPRA’s performance heritage, the new CUPRA Ateca is a statement of authenticity and confidence. It’s designed to offer all the space and comfort of an SUV, yet with the calm certainty of its power to deliver. Dynamism combined with serenity. Wildness, fused with restraint. It’s more than a car. It’s a lifestyle.

As introduced by CUPRA’s Executive Vice President for Sales & Marketing, the brand aims to “foster a sense of belonging, pride, courage and determination. The same personality characteristic traits we share with our customers.” And it’s the CUPRA Ateca that makes those ideas manifest. Brings them to life, and makes them whole.

This makes the CUPRA Ateca not just a state of mind, but a community. We don’t follow the crowd. We make our own rules. We find the things we love, and we bring them together. Not for anyone else, but for ourselves. We’re defined by our ability to break definitions. It’s why we do what we do, and it’s why the CUPRA Ateca exists.

So, step into a car that’s disrupting the industry. Redefine what’s premium. Carry on thinking differently. Because the new CUPRA Ateca is for drivers, not for those that think status is everything. It’s a car that’s fun, but never takes its eyes from the prize. A car from the race-track. Designed for the street. Built for the restless spirit.

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