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CUPRA Master

We believe in another way.

As a brand, CUPRA was born to be unique. Thanks to the combination of striking design, contemporary performance and progressive technology, everything we create is made for people who embrace and take unconventional paths in life. The ones who never settle for anything less than extraordinary. In other words, we aim to be much more than a car brand. So we require much more from our CUPRA Masters, as they represent us every day in their work through our CUPRA partners.

The CUPRA Master: a member of our tribe.

The job of the CUPRA Master goes way beyond what a salesperson commonly contributes. You’ll be a trusted partner and our customers' go-to person for everything they need, from the moment they buy a CUPRA car and throughout their whole journey with us. That means building and maintaining a strong relationship with customers and always being there to provide consultation on products and configuration; informing them about CUPRA news and events; providing knowledgeable first-contact support for any queries on after-sales care and above all, personifying the brand´s attitude and values. To sum-up, the CUPRA Master is not just a representative, but a valued member of our tribe.

A trusted partner: what it takes to be a CUPRA Master.

Customer focus is key to becoming a CUPRA Master. More than just knowing everything about the brand and the products, we're looking for people who know everything about people. Our people. CUPRA Masters are expected to be customer-oriented partners, in whom our customer base can always place their trust. People who are open-minded, ambitious, enthusiastic, bold, digitally savvy and collaborative. Individuals that are not only quick learners, but who are always ready to provide knowledge to our customers, and be there for them before, during and especially after a sale.

If all of this sounds a lot like yourself, don't let this opportunity pass you by. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.