Our DNA:Garage:CUPRA new electric car 2019.0.8.1 COM/EN

Unleash the power of the new electric CUPRA. 

CUPRA dares to define the future of cars with its first all-electric road vehicle.

“The first all-electric car made for the streets with a powertrain that’s 100% electric.”

An advanced 100% electric powertrain is the dynamic force behind this four-door crossover with the stature of an SUV and the sleek lines of a sports coupe, its exclusive and iconic shape embodying our DNA. 

“IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show 2019 will host the World Premiere of CUPRA’s new electric concept car.”

We will be releasing exclusive updates on this concept of high-tech performance and unique design leading up to its world premiere at this year’s IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show. Stay tuned to follow us as we create this new and exciting path.