CUPRA Born detailed view of high central console with charging points


Drive your way with a new infotainment App that integrates the CUPRA Charging service into the car ecosystem. Download the My CUPRA App to obtain the CUPRA Charging Map.

CUPRA Charging Map

Scan the QR code with your phone to download the My CUPRA App and gain access to CUPRA Charging services.

CUPRA Born frontal view of dashboard with charging points availability

CUPRA Charging Map is an infotainment App that is included as part of the CUPRA CONNECT Services. Designed for mobile devices and the infotainment system, it can locate CUPRA Charging Stations across 27 European countries, facilitating convenient charging for electric and e-hybrid CUPRAs.

What benefits can you look forward to?

CUPRA Born panoramic interior view dashboard with charging points

Search and filter charging stations

Easily locate a nearby charging station or one along your route with a quick map search. With more than 650,000 charging stations available, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Online charging station detail

Avoid that wait when all the chargers are occupied. With CUPRA Charging Map, you can check the availability of charging points in advance.

Navigation to the nearest charging station

Display the nearest or best-rated charging station and be guided to it directly from your in-car navigation.

Customer feedback

Benefit from user-generated feedback and ratings on charging stations, ensuring you choose the best options for your journey.

How to Install the CUPRA Charging Map

Download the Charging Map for free (0€) via the My CUPRA app on your phone and in-car touchscreen, then enjoy access to charging stations across Europe.

How to install the CUPRA charging map

Open the My CUPRA App

First, you’ll need to have the My CUPRA App installed (this can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Head to the Shop

Launch the My CUPRA App and tap on 'Shop'.

Find the CUPRA Charging Map

Locate and tap "CUPRA Charging Map" app within the Shop, then click ‘Acquire’.


Review your details, read and accept the terms and conditions, then tap Acquire.

Enter the In-Car Shop of your car’s infotainment

Use your In-Car Infotainment System to navigate to the Shop section. First-time users may need to fill out a brief form.

Download the CUPRA Charging Map

Find the "CUPRA Charging Map" product and download it directly to your infotainment system.

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