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Our first 100% electric car was crafted to take your business beyond the conventional and into the future of emission-free driving.

The impulse to go beyond

Engineered for the fully electric era and urban commutes without restrictions. CUPRA Born. A new generation of cars for a new generation of companies.


The first 100% electric CUPRA

Emission-free driving allows you to do business with more environmental consciousness.

An electric range of 551km

Express your company’s unstoppable spirit with an electric range that defies expectations.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Cutting emissions is one thing, cutting cost is another. Going fully electric means fewer expenses for you and your business.

Free access to restricted areas

Take your business anywhere, without additional costs affecting your bottom line.

Charging solutions


Home & Office

Our range of CUPRA Chargers by Elli are designed to suit your business needs and offer the fastest charge possible. The certified MID electric meter means you can install one at home or the office. While LTE connectivity allows you to control it all on your mobile or office network.

Street & CUPRA Easy Charging

Keep your battery topped up when you’re out for meetings. Use the CUPRA Easy Charging app by Elli to find the closest available charging point and take the quickest route to get there. You can even filter by plug type, availability and charging speed. Then simply store your favorites on your navigation system.

The values mentioned are the result of the type approval of the selected model, in accordance with Regulation CE 2018/858. The available power (kW) and acceleration of the model depends on the state of charge of the battery and its temperature.

The accurate range for your vehicle will vary according to a number of different factors which include the route, weather conditions, vehicle load (occupants + luggage), battery age and condition, optional equipment (alloys, tyres, etc.), the use of peripheral energy consumption systems such as heating, air conditioning and heated seats, as well as your driving style. The indicated range has been calculated in compliance with the WLTP regulation which sets out standard test conditions applicable to all car manufacturers. This ensures that the values calculated in accordance with this regulation are comparable for all vehicles.

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