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Data Protection Basic Information

Data Controller:

Manage your request and contact you to fulfill your specific request/enquiry/claim. In case of having consent, for the additional purpose.

Consent of the data subject.

In order to manage your request, where necessary, SEAT, S.A. may communicate your personal data to the Importer in your country or to your SEAT SERVICE. If your Importer or SEAT SERVICE is located outside the EU, this might involve a necessary international transfer of your data.

Right of data subjects:
You have the right to oppose the processing, to access, rectify and erase the data, as well as other rights which are detailed in the Privacy Policy, by written request addressed to SEAT, S.A. - International Customer Care Department (PRD13) – Autovía A-2.Km.585, Martorell, Barcelona (Spain), or by sending an email to

Additional information:
Additional information can be found in the Privacy Policy