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The CUPRA x Wilson LT Padel Racket | Collaboration

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The Wilson x CUPRA Padel Tennis Racket

CUPRA's recent collaboration with Wilson Sporting Goods Co. saw the launch of a co-branded capsule collection: the Wilson x CUPRA padel racket, a padel bag and a t-shirt. Padel legend, Fernando Belasteguín, who ranked number one in the world for 16 consecutive years, was an avid user of the Wilson x CUPRA padel racket at tournaments on the recent World Padel Tour.

Following his success, the design of the racket has evolved into its second iteration, the Wilson x CUPRA V2 Padel Racket – enhancing the padel playing experience, not just for Belasteguín but for padel aficionados worldwide.

cupra formentor pride edition

"The launch and presentation of the Wilson Bela CUPRA to Fernando and fans of the sport is a sign of our commitment to the expansion of padel, the fastest growing sport in Europe," said Antonino Labate, Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations at CUPRA. "CUPRA is the car brand with the largest presence in the world of padel, and we are very proud to be present in such a relevant tournament as the European Championship, which brings together the best national padel teams. We firmly believe in its international potential and we have the ambition to help make it an Olympic sport."

"V2 of the Wilson x CUPRA padel racket is now available for purchase along with the rest of the collection"

"Following the path we started with Fernando Belasteguín "Bela", this collaboration with CUPRA is part of our strategy to create value innovation products that change the game and fuel the growth of Padel, making it more rewarding to play and opening new opportunities for both firms to build a larger community around the sport," said Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager, Wilson Racquet Sports

CUPRA on the Padel Tennis Court

CUPRA jumped onto the padel court in 2019 by becoming the premium sponsor of all official competitions of the World Padel Tour (WPT) and the main sponsor for the International Padel Federation (IPF). Doubling down on its commitment, in 2020 the CUPRA Formentor became the official car of the tournament and displayed at all events along the professional padel circuit. CURPA also agreed to sponsors the Spanish Padel Federation, whereby it will also be the official vehicle of the federation.

Coinciding with the start of the 2021 season, CUPRA expanded its group of ambassadors with Agustín Tapia, Paula Josemaría, Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello, who join Alejandro Galán, current world number one, Fernando Belasteguín, Pablo Lima and Ariadna Sánchez. In addition, CUPRA activated partnerships with ten countries and now has sponsorship presence in more than 100 padel clubs and two national teams.

With the latest CUPRA Padel Racket V2 in collaboration with Wilson, CUPRA once again demonstrates its commitment to sport.

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