Unveiling the Future of Car Design: The CUPRA Tavascan.

With the design direction of Jorge Díez, CUPRA are shaping fresh and unmistakable identities through the all-new CUPRA Tavascan, capturing the essence of driving within a new era.

The CUPRA Tavascan evokes electrifying emotions. The car design combines elements of an SUV with the elegance of a coupe architecture. Whilst embodying sportive sophistication, it proudly stands as our latest 100% electric vehicle, delivering impressive aerodynamic performance and upholding a steadfast commitment to zero emissions.

Watch our Design Story and embark on a captivating journey which explores the creation of the all-new CUPRA Tavascan.

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Episode One – The CUPRA Tavascan Design Story

Crafting a Vision Beyond Conformity: the CUPRA Tavascan Concept

“Creating a unique design with a powerful personality means honouring our vision, even if it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Staying true to our essence is paramount.”

The CUPRA Tavascan's striking fusion of an SUV and coupe architecture was a conscious effort to break away from mundane design tropes. This union of aesthetics and engineering has culminated in the release of a new car design which exudes a powerful sensation of speed, from every angle.

Our Design Director, Jorge Díez, has prioritised the development of a strong characterful design that defies conventional norms. It does not appease to the masses but captivates the hearts of a few.

The exterior's Dark Mask, reminiscent of a superhero's enigmatic gaze creates a dynamic and sporty character, setting the tone for an exhilarating driving experience.

Creating a Distinctive Identity through Automotive Design


“For us, the eyes of a human determine our view, they determine a lot of things like character and identity”

This perspective is embedded in the design ethos of the CUPRA Tavascan and its striking new headlamp which integrates our three-triangle eye signature.

Highlighting a momentous evolution in CUPRA's design language is CUPRA Tavascan’s triangularised logo on the front exterior, a unique hallmark of our brand – an inimitable illuminating emblem.

It is also representative of the Tavascan’s powerful personality which is brought to life by the interior’s progressive central spine.

Art and Function: The Central Spine of the CUPRA Tavascan Interior

Located within CUPRA Tavascan’s interior is the central spine, an artistic masterpiece that seamlessly blends form and function. The central spine supports the dashboard whilst setting the alluring ambiance, through a sophisticated and progressive structure.

A Dream Realised: From Sketches to Reality

The CUPRA Tavascan stays true to our leitmotiv “if we can dream it, we can create it”.

We have created a new car design which challenges conventions and redefines the art of driving. The CUPRA Tavascan is not just an electric vehicle; it is a masterpiece that paves the way for a new era.

In our next episode, we explore the intricate details of the emblematic exterior design which further cements CUPRA as an unconventional challenger. Join us in celebrating pioneering progressive automotive design, as embodied by the remarkable CUPRA Tavascan.